Men's swim trunks by Hartford:

The chic and casual Hartford men's swimsuit is recognizable by the colors and the choice of its prints which make them singular and unique pieces. Decorated with embroidery on the back pocket and accompanied by a float, a signature detail of our collection, it is one of the brand's strong pieces and clearly a must-have in your men's wardrobe. More than a simple beach accessory, it is an invitation to la dolce vita, far from routine, between California and the Landes, to the sound of the ocean.

Long swim shorts or short swim shorts, our models:

Discover our four models of chic and casual swimsuits for men and find the piece that will never leave your beach wardrobe.

Men's short swim shorts

The short swim shorts for men are our Swim model: Iconic of our collection, they are mid-length with two side pockets and a back pocket. Its elastic waist adjusts with the drawstrings for a perfect fit.

The Boxer swimsuit offers a shorter cut than the Swim model. With a mid-thigh length, they are the ultimate men's short swim shorts. We make it with an elasticated drawstring waist and pocket inserts.

It comes with the retro Gym Boxer swimsuit with 80s inspiration. It is the perfect model for jogging on the ocean coast or for sunbathing by the pool.

Men's long swim shorts

For long swim shorts for men, we recommend the Swim Long model. With a longer cut than a classic swimsuit, it takes on the codes of our emblematic Swim model. Versatile, it can be worn as a swimsuit or casual shorts.

Wear the chic and casual swimsuit for men by Hartford

The swimsuit is worn like a real fashion piece. We recommend pairing it with a Light Crew T-shirt, our classic t-shirt with the perfect fit, for a comfortable outfit. For a sophisticated style while remaining casual, our men's swimwear pairs perfectly with a linen shirt.


How to wear men's swimsuits?

Men's swimsuits can be worn as beach or city clothing, discover ourcollection of chic and casual clothing for mento associate.

Do we offer printed swimwear for men?

The prints reflect the Hartford spirit, present on ourshirts for menand t-shirts, we also offer them through our swimwear collection. Discoverour selection of prints for men.

How to take care of your men's swimsuit?

Our swimsuits are made from resistant and durable materials. However, we invite you to consult our maintenance recommendations available on the dedicated product sheets.