Collection: Women's Shirts & Tops

Timeless, the bohemian and chic shirt for women is a must-have in the Hartford collections. This season, find our collection of shirts and tops for women through a wide selection of plains and prints, with a bohemian chic spirit. Iconic linen shirts available in a wide range of colors or classic white shirts: our models will appeal to contemporary women looking for comfortable and casual pieces made from natural and noble materials such as cotton voile.


The bohemian chic shirt, a story of material:

Our bohemian chic shirts for women are defined by their material. We select them for their quality and the look they offer to our pieces.

The cotton shirt for women is a flagship piece of our collections: cotton is one of the key materials for creating women's shirts that are suitable for everyday life as well as for more important moments. Pleasant to wear, it is a timeless piece of women's wardrobe. The velvet shirt for women, warmer and comforting, gives character to your outfit while remaining sober and chic. Cashmere, combined with cotton, allows us to make women's shirts which are differentiated by their appearance as well as their unique texture to the touch. Linen, our favorite material, is a breathable natural material which promises both comfort and elegance which make our pieces essential for women's wardrobe.

The chic shirt for women, in exclusive colors and designs:

At the heart of our Parisian workshops, each year, we design unique prints that reflect the Hartford DNA. Our women's shirts are available in trendy prints like leopard and colorful ones like our floral models. “Revisiting the classics with a modern twist” is what our shirts convey by mixing timeless materials and more daring designs: discover our collection of shirts with psychedelic prints or made in the USA with our iconic bandana design.

The white shirt for women is the piece that we recommend for a first purchase. Timeless and chic, it pairs with several styles for endless outfits. In more colorful tones, the blue shirt for women is also a must-have that allows you to be classy and casual. More daring, the green shirt for women breaks traditional dress codes.

The chic women's shirt for women, the cut that suits you:

The slim-fit shirt for women hugs your figure with a fitted waist, it is designed to be close to the body and more fitted. The straight shirt for women is a model inspired by the men's wardrobe. So-called “classic” cut, it is an essential that is both relaxed and chic. If you like regular cuts, we also recommend our loose shirts: a looser and more fluid model for a comfortable style.

Choosing the cut of your women's shirt is an essential step. It is a piece that accompanies you every day and in which you should feel good. To meet your needs, we design our collections around three cuts that suit all silhouettes. Thus, the bohemian chic shirt for women can be worn in different ways and is suitable for all occasions. Underneath a chic bohemian sweater for a comforting look or with a blazer for an office outfit. They go just as well with our pants as our skirts. For a casual style, we recommend wearing it open to reveal your Hartford t-shirts.


How to wear a women's shirt?

The shirt is a piece that adapts to your style in all circumstances. For casual and sophisticated outfits, we invite you to play with materials and colors: we offer you unique pieces that are revealed in trendy shades and exceptional materials. Depending on the occasion and your desires, the bohemian and chic shirt for women can be accessorized with our selection of scarves and bandanas.

How are our women's shirts designed?

It is at the heart of our Parisian workshops that we design our shirts. A centerpiece of women's wardrobe, we attach great importance to the selection of our fabrics as well as the creation of our prints. We source the best materials and are always on the lookout for the latest trends to offer you modern pieces with Hartford finishes.

How to choose the size of a women's shirt?

We advise you first to select the cut that suits you best. We offer slim-fit and regular cut shirts that meet the needs of each of our customers. To choose your size, we invite you to choose your usual size. If you have any doubts, you can refer to the size guide on each product sheet. When a product is small or large, we also mention it to make your purchases easier.